Thses is a say from my best firend- Rock, –

"The real loneliness is, when loneliness choose you, not you choose it."

How cruel is it! How true is it! My whole life is proved! I remember what I learn from my philosophy class, about the fatalism, – NO MATTER WHAT, thing will go in a fixed and particular way, REGRADLESS of how you attempt to change….

Again, how cruel is it, and how true is it! U believe in it? I rejected this when I was young, but now,….hard to say…..

I………….am a lonely one, no matter how I attempt to into a group of people, i just can’t mix into it, I am always a rejected and isolated one, no matter how I try.

My mobile never ring, I just need to pay the min. charge for my mobile bill every month, and my friend shocked about it. Well, it’s nothing to shock, what I need is a phone call, at least someone can tell me I do really exist. I always feel that I’m abormal, or this word is a bit too extrreme, i should say that i’m NOT the normal one, till now I realized that I spent my whole life trying to fit into this world, and i just can’t fit in, just can;t …

The recent favourite song, <The unforgiven>, love that song so much, xspecially the lyrics, so touch…..it’ like the whole song is talking about me….

-"throught constant pain disgrace,

the young boy learn their rules"

-"he tried to please them all, this battle man he is.

throughout his life the same, he battled constantly,

the fight he cannot win, a tired man they see no loneger cares,

the old man then perpares, to die regretfully,

that old man here is me……"


-"never free,

never me,

so I dub the unforgiven….."

so..that is no other way to live? it’s no escape?

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One Response to unavoidable?

  1. Ric says:

    u aint abnormal la…this world make up of all different charactistics ppl which making the world being wonderful…sometimes u have to understand what mass doing then u will surprise how they will treat u warmly in return..

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