endless sleepless night

endless night,

through  river to a boundless sky,

the mind is twisted inside the darkness,

the darkness is spread inside my mind,

insomnia offers me a chance to suffer,

from thinking in the past,

        living in the present, and

       waiting for the future……..


Gonna get my hair cut donein the next morning, may be it’a time for a new look, then what hait style should i get? No more gloomy looking? should let poople able tp see my face, gals may love to see it…hah a….during the sleepless night, I looked up at all those gothic magazines and see whether anything can be used  as a references of my new hair style….but nah……nth much found……….

When I cleaning up my room, I just realized that I lose my ruby cross (have been wearing that for 2 yrs before the strap was broken) ………..that’s a pity……

Sweet dreams, for anyone who is going to bed, also, a song for you by M. Manson, <sweet dreams>:

Sweet dreams are made of this,

who am I to disagree,

travel the world and the seven seas,

everybody looking for something…..


some of them want to use you,some of them wanna get used by you,

some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused ………


sweet dreams……………………….

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