Something made me down today n leads to have a trouble……….
Mood is so down n gloomy today……I wanted to call someone to talk with, however they all gone offline aw well as i can’t access to the long distance call………
Sometimes….tough time just come in and you just can’t escape…….and one follows by the other one, continually and  simultaneity……….as a old chinese say "Good thing never comes, but only bad thing"
LIfe goes on, and you can’tt stop being in life just because one bad thing or more than one bad thing happened, in the wheel of time, you must goes on no matter what, as a chaos theorist, this specific bad thing may leads to another good thing in the future….who knows? AS we are living in the chaotic reality….one thing is caused by more than a billion causes…itis pointless to think in this way: "oh..if I didn’t do this, then that shit thing will not happen"….well……it could be if u didn’t do this, another 10 times more bullshit thing happen, who knows? I should be more optimistic….this is how human being surivive from these twisted and distorted reality.
This is a non-famous song that I always listened when I was in the dead town-Cambridge, everytime when I;m having a bad time….I sing this.alought I didn’t even know the name of the song…..n I forgot some of the lyrics…..
I stay alone, to fight the battle,
all I believe, that I would survive,
that is no place, that I would hide myself,
so i decided to stay utilll I win the game.
never say i quit,
keep it…….(forgot)….
that’s no time, for you to  …(forgot)..
I have to carry on my dream.
Actually this is a song played in the film, not sure whether is called <first option> of not, is a Hong Kong S.D.U. movie.  
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