retro, antique………two main elements of my current life styles……
When I walking alone at night……those retro small local coffee (Amercian style) shop caught my eyes………….u know, those coffee cafe or small local family eatery whatever it called, just like those holleywood movie shown…selling burger n chips….always ask u whether u need some more coffee. Waitress in the short skirt..(the pity thing is there is not such waitress in the cafe, only those aged old man…) 
Rather than the sentimental reason, I think the other reason is to mentally escaping from this freakly reality. "I wish I could live in the past". sadly, no matter what time slices you live in, you still need to suffer, it is not way out..
As the lines of the movie-<The Dark city>,
We have been living in a circle,
thinking in a circle,
it is not way out!
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