short hair, imply…..

I knew I don’t look gd with short hair…… least it gives me a time to grow the hair up…..hiar, to me, it is not JUST a hiar, it means more than that to me……
I’ve having a bad time recently, constantly, since lsat yr…things never go better……and my mind is twisted, mess up, confuse. and congested with thing that i never want to do. just like my long, messy hiar.
After a hair cut, I need to be alone again, facing those personal dilemma………"to be, or no to be"…. need to find a way to break through and rule out this situation, to be sure what will I go..where is my path? what my faith about? I need a new way of being alive.
As the lyrics of <The last song> by X-Japan-
When the morning begin,
I’ll be in the next chapter……
Short hair, imply : regeneration.
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