Beef jerky

Usually I  go to anatomy dep. for my anatomical drawing every 2 weeks….but when i fist time looked at those "dried human leg and arm chops"…ya… feels like a beef jerky to me….


Gosh…….week 6 is coming,,gonna summit our mid………so far haven’t got much pieces down…………need to catch up….


I miss some places….where I seldom go, but those places reveal a lot of sentiimental memories…..

and sentimental memories of friends;

and sentimental memories of events;

and sentimental memories of naive thoughts……


Just uploaded some photos that taken in a small dock around Great Ocean Road, so quiet, so remote, isolated, such as a nice place to spend a whole desolate night

there is a song so called" Sailor", by a taiwanese singer….


放眼望去 都一樣

東南西北 同方向
這片海 很流浪

等待風起 催我啟航…..
尋找下一個港口 我是等愛的水手
一生有幾個港口 等者疲憊的水手……
有沒有夢 都一樣

老舊的船 往前航 …..
一顆心 恨流浪 滿載風霜 陪我逃亡…..

                                                -水手 , by 迪克與牛仔


I always wanna be a sailor….staying in a ship for a whie in a yr.working as a night shift sailor, standing on the deck during night…

feel the wind,

heal the pain,,

find my way,



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