step in the middle of life

Remember there is ia story that told by dad, which he found out from the newpaper article. I don’t remember the exact whold soty but it goes something like this…..
"We are living in the middle of wour  life andothers,
Your mum and dad had you in their middle of their life; but they can’t be here with you all the time.
They will leave in the middle of your life.
Your couple and you will have a offspring in the middle of your life; but you can’t be here with them all the time.
You will leave in the middle of thier life.
Then your offspring and thier couple will have their offspring; but they…………..
this endless story will flow forever……"
If we are just living in a glimpse of life. Nothing last long. It’ like we are getting in the train for our journey of life. There is someone you meet in  the train, but then somehow they have to leave the train at a certain time. There is no excuse, no escape of this loop.
Then, everyone has to countine with their jounery alone. There is nothing left is this jounery, only solitary, will be with you all alone the way…
You have nothing to bring in when you first step in the train, also you have nothing to take out when you  leave the train.
But before the moment comes, I think I should cherish everyone who inside my train……
you reckon?
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2 Responses to step in the middle of life

  1. Bing says:

    Most of us will be alone during our life time.No one will accompany; on one will follow. We can still perform well on the stage.When alone, we are thinking. Thank you for visiting my space. Your message will make me pride. So just be critical.Hope you find something you are fond of. People share the same feelings and debate on different views. Very interesting. What I do is just sit down and have a cup of tea.

  2. 月靈 says:


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