Currently I’m in the middle of the short mid sem. break, 1 week duration. There’ got 3 more  school weeks after the breaks,one essay for Psychology and other one for Philosophy.
 Fot Christ sake, i hate writing psy. lab. report, so boring; i perfer Philosophy essay, the topic is about the Philosophy of reglion. BUt i" still not sure which exact question I want to analysis about out of 5 board questions. Should start that 2moro….
 And I can’t keep thinking about the coming trip to canada right after the exam. Once I get back, I’ll sure that I enroll in the locksmith course (This plan hv been delayed for 2 yrs).
 Back to night war game, it also have been stopped for around 2 yrs.
 Then, what else? Find you, where r u now? Hope u r ok now……
 During this silent night, I was so enjoying……………………..
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