God saves Uni………..

This’ 80′ canto. pop song…the lyrics wan’t that great, but not bad……….
The resaon why I post this lyrics here is-
  after I heard this song at somewhere I can’t remember,
  then fews week later I suddenly dance with this song……I made up every moves in the dance, I dunno how, I just all of the sudden dance it………..
Except for the bullcarb essay, presentaion and project, the psychology essay and lab report is not even related to psycholofy contents, it’ goddamn biology; the Philosophy essay is not even worth to discuss, we try to argue sometimes which one not worth arguing.
Uni …..is all bullcarb………
達明一派    << 溜冰滾族(’88 Remix)>>
[00:33.00]曲/編:劉以達   詞:陳少琪
[00:35.00]這個雪屐場 這個晚上
[00:39.00]看他正翱翔 似飛那樣
[00:42.00]叫每個在場 夜會欣賞
[00:46.00]眼睛正尋覓 競爭對象
[00:50.00]憑伎倆 在旋轉 動作漂亮
[00:54.00]轉轉轉未停 飄忽身影
[00:57.00]拍子里盡情 再起革命
[01:01.00]遠去看大門 看見友伴
[01:05.00]正得意忘形 向她叫喚
[01:15.00]隨幻覺隨動作 隨著急促音樂
[01:23.00]流著少年脈搏 隨著一杯可樂
[01:31.00]( MUSIC )
[02:01.00]這個雪屐場 這個晚上
[02:04.00]看他正翱翔 似飛那樣
[02:08.00]那消瘦面龐 到處眺望
[02:12.00]發色染著黃 眼中渴望
[02:16.00]又再胡亂去闖 放肆碰撞
[02:19.00]轉轉轉未完 那會厭倦
[02:23.00]舞影碰霓虹 永不間斷
[02:27.00]占領這樂園 痛快作亂
[02:31.00]與黑暗共存 我的志愿
[02:41.00]隨幻覺隨動作 隨著急促音樂
[02:49.00]流著少年脈搏 隨著一杯可樂
[03:00.00]隨幻覺隨動作 隨著急促音樂
[03:07.00]流著少年脈搏 隨著一杯可樂
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