the night before i left

I love u,
My be in my mind, ur face is fading,
I still can remember that night, the night before I left…..
u, turn away…..walking into the crowd of people..
and this song, the lyrics, just co clearly express how i felt, at that time, unitll now……
I felt so depressed, but…..I’m not over, are we??



臨離別的浪漫 卻又來得太晚
為何夢幻在分手一刻 最燦爛
無名份的浪漫 最後留低慨嘆

從未試過這麼亂 彷似無情但有緣
迷亂撲朔這關係 今晚柔情地了斷
           < 無明份的浪漫>  -by(黎明)

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