All of the sudden….

All of the sudden, I put myself back to uni work,
all of the sudden, my summer short holidays in HK is finished,
all of the sudden, I am back to the winter melbourne.                                                                 
All of the sudden, I realized I’m in the last sem of my final uni yr,
all of the sudden, I need to start with my assessments before it is too late…..
All of the sudden, my friend told me I became much more mature than the first time she known me,
all of the sudden, many things came up in my mind and many thing faded.
                            some ended in a good way, some ended in a wrong track, but
                            it all faded…no matter how good or how bad…..
All of the sudden, i listen to those songs that I used to listen couples of years ago…..
all of the sudden, I realised how fast and how much the time has passed away…..
                            the familiar melody, the touching lyrics……
All of the sudden, I feel like the past is like a dream, a dream that you fail to recall in the next morning…
All of the sudden, I had so many thinking in my mind,
All of the sudden, it faded………….
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One Response to All of the sudden….

  1. Rღ says:

    Hey man,
    when the day met you in shop, you was a kid buying toy.. But, you are a gentleman having house wine and pizza with me today
    Hope to see you again in Winner, no more sweat..

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