Reply to my friend, Ar Part

Actually here is the reply to my friend-Ar Part, regrading to this blog about a stroy about his name.
I am going to do the exact same thing to my friend, as to show my respect to such good friend who have been knowing each other for so long.
Once upon a time, somwehere, there is a 冰翼蝴蝶, one of the most beautiful creature among all existences. His wings are transparent, so that all the existenecs next are not able to detect and see him.
冰翼蝴蝶 always get hurt by crashing with the others. Because everyone can’t see him, everyone think he doesn’t even exist.
冰翼蝴蝶 is hurt, so hurt, not to mention he has no friend since no one know his existence. So 冰翼蝴蝶 is lonely, desolated, he never know what happy means.
However, sometimes later, he then can be detected.    
Since 冰翼蝴蝶 always get hurt, his fresh crimson bloods cover all over his body, his wings.
It causes more pain than before, but 冰翼蝴蝶 doesn’t care, even gald that finally someone realize his existence.
He realized the way to let others know his existence is to let himself bleeds……
So he let others hurt him and even soetimes he hurts himself when no one hurt him…….
                                          —–To be continued—–
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2 Responses to Reply to my friend, Ar Part

  1. Rღ says:

    go on, i\’d like to know what\’s going no!

  2. Sebastian says:

    wakaka~~ thx for hving a "reply" for my entry~~
     hehe~!! ^^

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