FIrst time, it turned to be so serious

Actually this is the first time that I had a serious disagreement with my parents, and since this incident, I found out, what am I really are in thier minds.
I must be perfect; knowing every singel thing in the world,
                            knowing every method of everythings,
                            knowing how to deal with every single person on this palent,
                          that includes everyone that I haven’t met, (my friend’s friend, my relatives, my relative’ friend, my family relative’s friend’s ralative ..and so on, my dad’s friends, my dad’s friends’s family, my dad friends’s relatives’s friend..and so on, my dad’s business parnters, my dad’s business parnter’s friend, my my dadbuisn……….and so on ((not to menion that my mum’s relatives, my mum’ friends………….)
I must be completely independence by myself, actually they assume me to be total isolated from them. I can not seek help.
They are excepting me to get a job overseas, live overseas, but they never mentioned to at least come here to visit me. They made themselves clear that, they will not live with me overseas. So, i’m totally cut off, totally from my home.
Sorry, I lied to some of my friends. My parents never come to visit me since I need to study overseas alone. SOrry for telling lie , but by telling lie, I feel better, because I had a illusion that my family DID come here once, even it never happens.
I’m just a human, (Even NEO in Martrix is also a human) not God, and I never play God. They expect me to be a GOD, but treat me like a ……………………………
I had enough, I had enough since long time ago………………..
After all these I’ve done, I can’t deserve for asking help by making fews phonecall??
After all these I’ve done, I can;t deserve for having one drink in the bar??
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