concern without fear

Recenlty, I am really happy, at the same time, I’m concerning about my coming exams and final resrach project.
My exam start at the first day of the first exam week, ie: the day right after my final essay and report due time, damn,
do i have enough time to study ?
However, I have no fear, and I have no reason to be fear about. Why? Coz Eden is Eden!!
What am I happy about?
Recenlty, I have many friends around me…..Ruby, Danita, Wei SHen, ELiza, Annie…….
Realtionship is mutural, when sth do you a facour and u should return it; that’ my way of dealing friends, simple …..
Gonna have dinner with u guys again…can’t wait; and I’ll organize a bbq at my place in this weekend…..u guys shouldn’t miss it.
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One Response to concern without fear

  1. Rღ says:

    Wah.. seems your coming schedule will be very tight.. add oil!
    Btw, I am happy to hear you are being better now, that\’s good!
    Maybe this is my time for return as your said.. this is my 1st time to face a hateful ppls like my boss.  She is being crazy and unreasonable .. no understanding, no explain, no reason, no sense and no heart.. shouting daily and overcome is prohabitted.. so horrible and full of Shit!  My uncle said the fact is, she\’ve got a useless husband and she think the whole world owe her.. -_-" (that\’s not my fault actually…)
    So, please try your best to enjoy your school life.. since you are still calling "consumer" recently.. haa… that\’s true!

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