We all suffer the same, don’t worry

Final battle comes without a sign,
My sight can only focus in the front like a blind.
I can’t think of what will I be after the fight,
instead of thinking whether will I survive.
My love and  my dream are waiting for me somewhere beside,
it is all up to me whether I will begin to give up or try.
Instead of letting the vex eating me alive,
I choose to totally disconnect from outside, for this time being, to fight,
as well as to take over my pride.
*PS For all my friends who is suffering from the endless assig. and exams. I’m hereby the cheer u guys up. Just hang on for this couple of weeks. That will be dawn after the storm. When all that bullshit is gone, then it’ time for us to do what we miss out.
For Annie, Ar Pat, Denita, Eliza, Jay, Ning, Twyla, WeiShen, Shem……. 
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One Response to We all suffer the same, don’t worry

  1. Sebastian says:

    +++++++oil ar~!!!

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