A second reply to Ar Pat

 * I changed the theme of this blog, as one of my friend Ellen, she started to use the same theme (the film negative one), therefore I rekon this Paris theme is really cool ,a dn quite match with my style.   
 Hey, thx for mentioning me in ur review!! Not problem, man, actually, I like what u write in ur blog very much.
To be honest, I still dunno how to type chinese, I still remember seeing u trying to learn how to type chinese and key in Chinese on mobile phone back in high school.
And now u r a master of it, and I ….hehehe….still no progress.
I’m so glad that u have a review every year. I wish I can do that also but I just couldn’t do it. May be that is too much to mention,  I reckon it will look like a doctorate theiss for just for one year. I rather choose not to write it, after the wind blow, "in the next morning, I will be in the cahpter" (Yoshiki, <The last song>).
Ya, so how long we know each others? I guess it’ really long. Many things happened on us. And we spent a lots of times together in high achool. And we used to be boring huy who also feel bore about our life at that time. And we killed a lots of time already. God….those memories … I will never forget.
Ya…..may be that is fate. I remember that u don;t hv enough changes for the bus fee, ha ha ..lucky we found each others on the street. How crazy is that, guess what, after I met u at that time, when I started to walk back home, I met my friend on the street who knew each other in Australia, what a ……….coincidence.
Bro, it’ pity that we have to seperate due to my study in Aust, otherwise, we can do a lot of thing together rahter than meeting each other one time per year.
I guess u also visit my blog quite frequently, so u r my freuqnt blogger..haha..i give a "blue diamond class" hahhahha////////still a way to gold class, man….keep it up..n leave message more often …then……I know no one give a shit about my blog, expect for some firends, and how can I say? I dun give a shit about them either….
Hey, Ar Pat is still Ar Pat all the times.
All rite, I will stop here…………..
I called this month a Bloody October- 血腥十月, y?? Every uni student knows.
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One Response to A second reply to Ar Pat

  1. Sebastian says:

    thxxx for readin it~~!! haha~!!!
    time reli pass so fast
    i rmb i know u on the 1st few day of F5~!

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