It all over.

It’ been a while, since I was suffering for the final exams. FInally, is was all over.
血腥十月 is gone.
Now is Nov, my birthday countdown: 3 weeks.
Well, better let my friends know what’ going on with me right now.
I had been to the Titanic theme resturant, that enviroment was good, I felt like I was really inside the TITanic at 1920′, the show was goos either, the food wasn’t that great. ref:
I’m learning to cook French dishes. (I tried it myself, it was so perfect!!!!!!U guys should try it sometimes)
I’m trying to get into a habit of wine-drinking, and I wanna know more about wines, xspecially French and Aust. wines.
I was attracted by one of the red wine label, Saltman of Barossa 2004 ‘Next Chapter’. Guys, after this year, our life will be changed, we r not longer a student (that’ col, I’ve been dreaming this period of time since young). I hope that we are in the right track of the next chapter. So, I’m holding my BAROSSA 2004 Shiraz ‘NEXT chapter’, and shout out for all of you: " To our next chapter!!"
Anyone suggest me some good red wine?
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One Response to It all over.

  1. janina says:

    Try to get Penfold 389. This is the best Australian red wine I ever had. Saw your ad around uni this afternoon. Time flies and there you\’re leaving. Take care and all the best.

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