in the storm…

Most of my friends, including me, are in the weird down mood.
Why? everyone confuded, about where to go in the path of future.
Things are a bit different from any pervious year.
Maybe we all in silimiar ages, we all graduated. Then we all share a similar confusion, problem.
It was supposed to be a fun time in the year. After exam, friends like Ar Pat always go to HK for work and holiday, and we all met once a year.
This year, xspecially at this monent, I am so sick n tired, confuse about my current life.
Life is bullshit here, i’m so sick of writing, photocoping, posting, those "items for sale" poster. Screw it…………
How come this year is so weird, I feel this year is 10 years long………..hard to bear……..hard to go thorugh……no one on my side, no one goes with u..
but i used togo thorugh this alone, as the song <18 and life> said:
" fought the world alone and now it’s,
18 and life u got it,
18 and life u know,
your crime is time, baby, and now 18 and life to go…"
All rite, finished bullshiting, need to carry on
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One Response to in the storm…

  1. Rღ says:

    Hey boy,
    Cheer up!  This is the process only, time is always going fast while you are looking back..
    Don\’t worry about your future, you have your dream and life will become meaningful when you have something to be achieved!  

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