Up to this ages, I suddenly realized the important of the concept of "maintaining".
 I didn’t notice the seriousness of the consequence of car-maintaining after I attempt to sell my car these weeks.
 And when i was packing up, I had looked at my photos that taken fews days ago. I look older, and my skin didn’t look as smooth as before. TIme, it’ all about time. I know time is the only thing that is inreveresable, but we can slow down the progress.
 Right now, I realized, everything is needed to be maintained. myself, physical-self (That’ da thing i usually just disregrad of), my car, and the most important thing, the lovely people that surround you.
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2 Responses to maintaining

  1. Sebastian says:

    you are right~!!
    happy birthday to me~

  2. Sebastian says:

    the song is called 我們不是朋友 by 方力申

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