7 days before i leave..

7 days before I leave,
sleepless night that makes me can not stop to think.
This year, I’ve been gone through a lots….
the summer break in HK,
the busy final sem. for my final year,
that god damn research psychology project I done, up to now I still dun understand what I wrote,
the exams,
the monent before the exams, worry about how to pass,
the monent after the exams, worry about not to pass.
I used to think after the exam I might actually and finally have some funs,
it fact, it turns out everyone of my friends left Australia, ,my life even more screw up than before.
Even thatis no more school, no more essay, I get more lonely.
I became more lost,
may be it is a FATE, or the theory of buttery effect is correct,
you do one tidy little thing in life, it will change your whole future.
If..if that days I didn’t call "him", then we might not have a bbq, then I ma not able to know "her" in my life, then my lonely dismal life, will just carry on as it always be;
but, because of "her", my life is changed……….not longer cold, and colourless………….thanks…….thanks………
these year…….just so many things came up…..I didn’t even have time to memorize, and it’ all gone…..
I hope I can just have a break, to re-oragnise what messy thinking, and my memories,
I need to patch up myself, before I move on to the next stage.
Right now, I need some times….
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One Response to 7 days before i leave..

  1. Sebastian says:

    dun thk too much la~~!!! enjoy ur life in hk la~

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