24 hours before leaving, it’ time to say something

last 24 hours in Melbourne, it’s time to say saything for my friends:
Danny, drive safe and try to get rid of the police next time, don’t get caught and caputered AGAIN.
Minie & Wei, nice to know u know, if i meet you guys eariler, my melbourne’s life should be difference, more colourful, this days was my happiest days in my life.
Danita, thank for spending the time with me, with i was having the hardest time in my final yr.
Ruby, we are always……ahaha…., u still are people who understand me.
Annie, thanks for going to that northern chinese spicy food with me.
Wei Shen, how can i forget the titanic dinner? and…wait….the RDA, personlaity and perception, research method and theory, remember, u gonna go to hk to meet me.
 Twyla, thx for backing up during my most confused time in psychology subjects. Hope we can meet up again and chill out…..oh..and that T shirt designing…..
Tomorrow, I gonna turn to the next chapter. Time is tight, thing is hard, path is blur.  
That is a Hong Kong female doctor/explorer Dr.Lee said" Everyone want to achieve their ideal dream, but that dream, is the pathway that fills with loneliness and pain, pathway of searching the dream in the darkness.
Can I survive from those loneliness and pain? and not to give up?
What tomorrow morning will be?
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