What a Coincidence…

Everything happened recently were all just coincidence….
I meet up a friendin the night course, we all like talk about philosophy.
Then he introduced his friends to me, and one of them knew that I am currently a film student and very keen to be in the film production.
Then…….she introduced her friend to me who currently shooting a film and need some help.
I ring the director, we met up……almost all of the actors were set already, except for one role, which tje actor need to be looking girly..feminne looking.
look at me, all of my friends said that I’m girly and  feminne
and not just that…….
We were supposed to shoot at the bar tonight, but suddenly the boss of the bar didn’t allow us to get in and shoot, it was so unexpected.
We didn’t know what to do,….then……ya…….another "then"…..
One of my best friend is a bar tender…..so I asked me whether we can go to his bar to continue shooting
then ……We did out finest shooting of our film tonight at his bar.
When I was on the way back home tonight, I just realized there are so many coincidence happened around me, around us, and perhaps, around everyone………..
"when adding  up  all of the coincidence, then it became a history.." 
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2 Responses to What a Coincidence…

  1. Sebastian says:

    wa~~ 天意!!

  2. Rღ says:

    woo.. that\’s good to hear that you have approached the movie ppls in HK.. ^^ COOL~

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