Sinking in confusion AGAIN

Recently, I realized, that  I can’t stay alone anymore…….
  I can’t just go back home straight after work or class…..
  I have to wondering on the street……..feeling that I’m actually in the reality…..
  I have to  ask friends to be around to me……
  if I don’t have u guys……
  my mood gonna be down straightaway…. if this siutation goes any further..i think i have one of those psychological emotional problems..may be……(I really dun want that happen).
Hong Kong is the greatest place to live,and alos it’ the palce that easiest to get mad………
*Anna Sui big sale recently!!Some of the products are almost half price……gonna buy something….should I?
*Finally I got a PSP pink version, thinking of DIY a strap for that……..
*Gonna start save up some money for the future.
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One Response to Sinking in confusion AGAIN

  1. Rღ says:

    yes, HK is a happy place with full of fun around~
    actually i can\’t go back home after work .. starting from this month even I can\’t accept go to school after work ;p
    * Save $?  wanna get marry with your half 😉

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