Toward to the area of UNKNOWN

I deceided to join the Creek Pankartion Mixed Martial arts tournment in India this coming dec., and this is my first time to join the international tournment.
That mean pre-tournment training is now begin!!! running, sparring, punchm kick, throw, take down, arm lock, head lock, leg lock, sumission……..some moves that I never try that before….
I don’t worry much about my stand-up moves like punch, kick and knee……and my ground moves are quite ok since I keep training in Russian Martial Arts, since I am lack of real MMA (Mixed Martial Art) sparring experiment, I need to learn and study more on the counter moves for lock and sumission.
How far I can go in the tournement?? It’s unknown, and they why it is interesting…..and that why I need to do so to proof it.
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1 Response to Toward to the area of UNKNOWN

  1. Sebastian says:

    good luck for ur tournament

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