Lonely scorpion in a desolate field

In these days I can;t really go to bed,
even I did, i did’t sleep well.
may be I’m thinking too much,
or may be I miss something.
But, it doesn’t really a matter now.
Nothing else matter……then why do I care?
listening to the silent,
brighten the darkenss,
colouring the colourness,
is a stupid attempt.
like my empty heart,
no matter what you drop inside,
it falls inside the boundless darkenss, always, always, and always …..
but i tried i tried and i tried ……
trying to seal, trying the heal,
of course I fail.
Then I try to look inside, see what really is,
there is a scorpion inside, it is a poor, lonely creature.
deep purple shell, hard and reflective surface.
living in his own realm alone, never let others come inside   ———-to be continued
2008 01 16
Recenlty, there is a feeling I get, em…it;s pretty hard to explain, it’s kind of being in a empty glass, looking at the outside world but at the same time you are trapped inside, even you can see the outside world really clearly, you just can’t reach outside, just can’t. 
There is so many ………….
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