As usual

As usual, I’m writing a blog in midnight, silence, dismal and dark…


I’ve been trying to stabiles my emotion, try to be a normal person, well…….it worked..sometime, sometime you just can’t let it off the hook.


Currently I’m obsessed in Tarot, that is the greatest symbolic design fills with wisdom. Life is the journey, I need to go through the stage of “The hanged man”, so that I can change my attitude and get ready to ; “the wheel of fortune”


So many things happened last year, and time flowed so fast, it almost May, which almost a half year, God …….that’ good ……I which time can flow even twice time faster. When I looked up my photo album, wah…that’s a lot of memories……(I will post some of the photos on the blog)


As Buddha said, we are suffering by concerning, concerning about the thing that we cannot take control. Struggling by past and future, we always forget that we are actually living in the present, as “present” is the present, a gift from God, just that we never cherish.  


However, I’m so glad that I had so many friends around me, to support me and bck me up, also I made up some new friends,


Jun, even we just met for a short time, and due to work, we didn’t have much chance to chat online, however, u r my good friend and I’ll keep contact you once we have time, also, enjoy your life!!!


Conan, haha….dude…actually I was so surprised, when I accidently met Phil, then saw you through him.


My girlfriend got drunk tonight, quite worry about her, I hope that she is ok. Please take care of yourself as you are taking care of me, sweetie.



Sweetie, Happy birthday!





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